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Minting Date : LIVE!

Collaboration Project of
Dick Arts Club x Mizaki NFT

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Minting Schedule

📅 Minting Date : December 1st 2022


UTC 11:30 am

Dec 1st 2022, 24 hour

1x freemint


UTC 11:30 am

Dec 2nd 2022, 24 hour

3x Mint - 0.08 SOL


UTC 11:30 am

Dec 3rd 2022, 24 hour

2x Mint - 0.5 SOL


UTC 11:30 am

Dec 4th 2022, 24 hour

1x Mint - 0.8 SOL

📅 Minting Date : December 6th 2022


UTC 02:00 am

Dec 6th 2022, 24 hour

1x freemint


UTC 02:00 am

Dec 7th 2022, 24 hour




What is MizaDick?

Miza Dick is a web3 brand launching exclusively on Solana & Aptos. Through unique art and innovative tech, MizaDick aims to explore the limit of NFTs and build an open ecosystem to onboard more users and builders to Solana and Aptos. this is a collaboration project of Dick Arts Club & Mizaki NFT

MizaDick NFT is not just any NFT project. We want to build a solid core community and Alpha Member group with our MizaDicks holders, who will be provided with immense benefits in the future. How will this work? Simple. When you buy the MizaDick NFT collectible, it doubles as a membership card that grants specific benefits as a holder.

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Alpha Member

MizaDick NFT is our highest tier NFT with exclusive access to our community and access to drops related to future Derivative Projects.

Free Mints

MizaDick holders will be eligible for a free mint for every collection we do from here on.

Commercial Right

Holders any of MizaDick NFT will hold full commercial rights to the assets they own. This means, you can do anything you’d like with your MizaDick , including printing t-shirts, toys + more.

NFT Tools

All of our holders will have access to at least 1 NFT analysis tool. We will make trading NFTs easier for our holders by providing everything needed to become a profitable trader.


Meet The Team


Angga Nurf

Founder & Web Developer


Zaki Ahmad F

Art Director


Gabriel Moses

Leader Collab Manager

Our Goals

Roadmap Make Unique


Phase 1

Build Community

Launch Discord, Build Website, Whitelist Contest, Presale & Public sale.


Phase 2

Event Collaboration

MizaDick Event for Holder, Event Collaboration or Giveaway NFTs, Community Treasury.


Phase 3


Launch MizaDick NFT Staking, Launch $MZDK Coin, Launch the Game


Phase 4

The Next Generation

Launch MizaDick Mutant (Free mint for MizaDick Holder), MizaDick Mutant Public Sale.


Still have questions?

Q1. How to Mint an MizaDick NFT?

Minting is divided into 6 Sessions. First Session for MizaDickList, Second Session for OG, Third Session for D*CK, Fourth Session for MOG, Fifth Session for Bluechips Holder, and Sixth Session for Public Sale.

Q2. How to Join Whitelist?

Please check our discord for information about getting whitelisted.

Q3. Mint Price?

MizaDickList 1x Mint Price TBA
OG 2x Mint Price TBA
D*CK 3x Mint Price TBA
MOG 1x Freemint
Bluechips Holder 1x Freemint

Public Mint Unlimited per Wallet Price TBA

Q4. Mint Date?

MizaDick Solana :
Pre-sale December 01 2022 11:30 UTC
Public sale December 06 2022 11:30 UTC

MizaDick Aptos :
Pre-sale December 05 2022 11:30 UTC
Public sale December 11 2022 11:30 UTC

Q5. How many can we mint per wallet?

MizaDickList 1x Mint
OG 2x Mint
D*CK 3x Mint
MOG 1x Freemint
Bluechips Holder 1x Freemint
Public Mint Unlimited

Q6. Where can I Mint?

ONLY on our OFFICIAL website!

Q7. Where can i Listing?

You can listing after mint at Magiceden.io (for Solana)
topas.so (for Aptos)